Thursday, October 22, 2015

Bloom Where I'm Planted

This photo was taken near Kure Beach, NC when we visited my dad and step-mom last month. I am always fascinated by things that are commonplace to locals and yet exotic to tourists. Here, I was intrigued by the shells that were used instead of gravel by the road to drive on the ferry to Southport. How cool would it be to live in a place where shells are so…the norm.
My dream is to someday move and live in that area and be a car-ride from family and away from casino-life. During our visit, my step-mom and I even looked at houses for sale, dreaming. So fun. One of my favorite blogs is Lil Blue Boo. They down-sized their life and moved from California to tiny Bryson City, NC. I would love to chronicle a move like that on this blog, sharing an exciting life-changing move like she did on hers. Hopefully we can make it happen.
Until that day, I will try to soak up the things that make our current home unique. Cacti. Huge skies. Mountains. Bighorn sheep. Tumbleweeds. Neon. For now, I must try to “bloom where I’m planted.”

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

His Little Hand

One of my favorite moments as the mom of a four-year-old is when he reaches up and holds my hand. It could be for any reason…to drag me into another room to play with him, to get me to stay in his room longer at bedtime, to distract me when I’m trying to talk to someone else. He has been clingier lately, but I don’t mind. I know eventually he’ll grow out of this, and snuggling with me, giving me kisses, and holding my hand won’t happen so easily.

So while he is this age, I am trying to emblazon in my memory exactly what it feels like to have that little hand in mine. It’s perfection.


Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Things to Love About Las Vegas...#3

A dragonfly investigates Aunt Sheila's flowers.
We just returned from an a great trip to visit family in southern Indiana, and Jude was introduced to all the bugs that the Midwest has to offer. He got stung by a bee, caught fireflies, saw huge spiders on webs, and watched dragonflies, ladybugs, and all types of creepy crawlies, everywhere.

We're not used to bugs in Las Vegas. That may sound a bit weird. Of course there are bugs here. Lots of ants and cockroaches and other things. But they usually mind their own business. I can sit outside at night and not even one bug will come near me.

It's not like Indiana where you cannot be outside at night next to a light. I have memories as a child, trying to avoid the huge swarm of bugs flying around the light by our back door. Unfortunately, if we came home after dark we had to stand in that swarm while unlocking the door, and you never knew what weird creature might land on your shoulder.

Las Vegas is quite different, which leads me to...

Things to Love About Las Vegas #3...No bugs

No flying bugs.

No ticks.

No mosquitoes.

No bug repellant.

No swatting. No flyswatters.

When I ponder moving to a different area of the country, the main thing I know I will miss is the convenience of the lack of insects.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Things to Love about Las Vegas...#2

A view of the huge shade-providing flowers at Centennial Hills Park
I've heard that Las Vegas ranks very low in the parks to people ratio. But luckily, the parks that do exist here can be pretty special. For example, there's Centennial Hills Park in the Northwest, which many residents call the Butterfly Park, due to the huge flowers and butterflies that were installed to provide shade. In addition to a dog park, soccer fields, an amphitheater, a water play feature, giant statues of lizards and turtles, and several playgrounds, this park also has a dinosaur walk, where it tells about the creatures that lived here thousands of years ago...mammoths, giant sloths, etc.

Another park near us has a Frisbee golf course. Another is at the base of a mountain where there is a trail that takes you to the tip-top of Lone Mountain. One of our favorite parks has a dog park that covers a large part of a retention basin. It also has a jogging path with one of those springy surfaces, tennis courts, and a huge jogging path around the whole park that must be a mile or so in length.

And of course, there's the ultimate, Floyd Lamb Park. I've written whole posts about it before.

Whoever plans these parks has the perfect job. I would love to use my creativity to think up things that help the community and make it a better place to live. Luckily, Las Vegas has people who do just that.

Monday, May 18, 2015


The view of the sky, and part of our house, from our upstairs balcony

I'm at home this morning with the windows open, enjoying the cool air and the sound of rain. It's May 18 in Las Vegas, and I'm wearing jeans and a sweater. Heaven! I'll take anything that prolongs the heat of a desert summer.

As much as I love rain, the sound of thunder is even more special. It's something we rarely get. When we do have storms, we'll get some rain and lightening, but usually without thunder. It's very strange - there is no release when you don't get the boom of thunder. Vegas storms are a tease. They creep over the town, become dark and menacing, shoot some scary lightening across the sky, but all in silence. We need the sound of rain and the booms of thunder. Otherwise, we are still waiting, for that cathartic release.

Today we got it all - dark clouds, hard rain, lightening, and booming thunder. George and I even went to the dog park in the rain and got wet and muddy.

Thank you, Las Vegas, for a lovely morning.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Things to Love About Las Vegas...#1

This is the first of what I hope will be a series. The mere fact that I think I will come up with more than one reason to like Las Vegas shows extreme optimism on my part. In the past I have written about how hard it has been for me to like living here. I miss rain and snow and seasons and trees and so many things about where I grew up in Indiana. Then last Spring, for the first time ever, I felt a tiny bit of sentimentality creep up in me, about seeing this place as my home. And while it is still difficult for me to truly love Las Vegas as a whole, I have found that there are individual things here that are worth loving. So, here is the beginning of what I hope will be a series.

Things to Love About Las Vegas: #1 - The Clark County Library District

What? In Las Vegas, the city of glitz and skin and casinos and showgirls and drinking and gambling and excess, the library is the first thing I came up with? Yes! And it’s not just because I’m a reader or a nerd. Let me explain.

The first time I entered one of the libraries in Las Vegas (there are eighteen in the urban district), was for rehearsals for a show. In fact, several of the branches have full theaters with fly systems and orchestra pits. Real theaters. In their many theaters I have seen dance performances, plays, and musicals.

On their stages I have also seen Hawaiian dance demonstrations, performances by the Las Vegas Contemporary Dance Theater, and even a Mexican mariachi band – all for free. I think the list of events offered in our libraries is amazing. Just now I looked on the website to search their events, and there are 977 upcoming events on their list. Wow.

Their events are not just performances. You can go watch a movie, listen to a lecture, view an art show, listen to poetry, take a computer class, learn to bellydance, get tax preparation help, and much much more.

Recently I signed up my son in a program called 500 Before Kindergarten. We write down every book we read together, and every time we read 100 we take in our list and he gets a sticker. When we reach 500 he’ll get a free book bag. I also want to take him for a free story time or author visit or art lesson.

Another perk of this library system is convenience. I can renew my books online with the click of a button. I search their library catalog online, and if my nearest branch doesn’t have the book I want, I click “Request It,” and they email me when it’s ready to pick up at my branch. Then I just walk across the parking lot from my workplace to the library that happens to be next door, and check it out. Sweet.

This reminds me, I need to head over to the library soon. I have two books waiting for me on hold, and I need to return our DVD of You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown, which we have renewed seven times already. And it’s time again to let my son run around the aisles and excitedly choose books to take home. “Trucks!” “Charlie Brown!” “Thomas the Train!” I hope he always finds excitement at the library!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Paintings as Valentines

I think if everyone always gave each other handmade gifts, the world would be a better place. Think about it...we wouldn't spend unnecessary money, actual thought would be put into each gift, and gifts would mean more than the mere obligation they sometimes are.

I have yet to come up with an idea for my son's daycare friends, but this weekend we did make a few Valentine paintings to send in the mail to faraway family members. These little canvases were bought on sale at Michael's, and I put tape-hearts on them before we painted. He loved peeling the tape off after the paintings dried and seeing the perfect hearts that appeared.

A few months ago I read about painting with kids on the blog Lil Blue Boo. She gave very helpful hints for making the whole process more enjoyable for everyone: I put him in clothes that could get dirty, I spread a huge plastic shower curtain on the table as a drop cloth, I gave him a pallet of colors that were complementary, and when he seemed to get stuck in a rut, I rotated the canvas to give him a new perspective. I love just letting him loose to paint however he wants!

I encourage you all to create something for someone this Valentine's Day. Write a poem, bake a cake, make dinner - anything to show you truly care. It just means so much more.